Don calls for measures to cushion long time effect of border closure


 8 months ago


 November 10, 2019

Don calls for measures to cushion long time effect of border closure
By Cecilia Ijuo
Abuja, Nov. 10, 2019 Prof. Job Nmadu an Agricultural Economist has urged the Federal Government to put in place measures to cushion long time effect of the current border closure.
Nmadu, also President of Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists, made the call in an interview with the Nigeria News Agency in Abuja on Sunday.
“While the closure of the borders is commendable, it is important to put in place necessary measures like enabling environment, infrastructure and palliatives, to ensure that it does not impact negatively on Nigerians, particularly those in border communities.
“On the face of it, it would seem that there are some gains but such gains might be momentary and may not be sustainable,” he said.
According to him, the sharp rise in price of food items are gains to farmers.
“At least farmers will earn more income,” he said.
Nmadu, however, noted that on the long run, the farmers would have to pay higher price for inputs, thereby, wiping out the gains.
“Nigeria may save some revenue for not importing food items, but since we neither have capacity nor technology to manufacture farm inputs; it might just mean that the gains are losses.
“So, it is difficult to say whether there is gain or loss.
“It is also important to state here that for this to be successful as being canvassed; all the ramifications should have been weighed.
“If Nigeria is serious about stopping smuggling across our borders, we should first talk to ourselves and determine that it has to stop.
“Otherwise, what is happing now is just like closing the gate against a child that is determined to attend a night party. He might miss the party but the parent may miss their sleep,” he said.
NAN reports that the federal government on Aug. 21, ordered the closure of the borders to check illegal activities.

Edited by Ali Baba-Inuwa
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