Good day ALL.

The LOC for our 2020 conference (UYO2020) has been reviewing situations and trends so as to ensure that we are able to have a successful and memorable conference as we always do. The options have been whether we should hold a face-to-face conference or make it virtual. Good as the arguments for virtual conference are, the difficulties we may face are very real as such the LOC has taken that very difficult decision to go on with a face-to face conference. Giving the circumstances as it stands today and hoping that nothing changes significantly, the conference has now been re-scheduled for March, 15-18, 2021 as follows:
Arrival: March 15, 2020
Opening ceremony: March 16, 2020
Technical Sessions: March 16-17, 2020
AGM: March 16, 2020
Departure: March 17, 2020.
The LOC is working had to install the COVID-19 protocols in all the halls and rooms we shall use for the technical sessions. Note that if it becomes necessary, the number that can attend the opening ceremony would be limited and the usual cocktail would hold in a modified way. Please members should bring the safety items (*sanitizer, face mask*). Bear with us during this constraining situation.